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Musicians Local, LLC is a cutting-edge, innovative musician staffing technology company that provides entertainment and entertainment consulting to its clients in the areas of staffing, payroll administration, creative music business partnerships, and all other music-related relationship management.


Paying special attention to excellence, our company is made up of energetic and enthusiastic individuals who possess creativity in a myriad of disciplines. We have extensive experience in all genres, and levels of music. Such as live music performances, music production, and business management. The services we provide ultimately enhance the businesses of our clients.


Our business model is very simple: We cut your administrative cost while providing personal services. Our model includes the following:

  • Evaluating your budget to maximize music potential with the addition of our talent specialist

  • Encourage our client base to appreciate and apply music’s enormous force for the enrichment of society

  • Empower your community to be the leaders of arts and culture by applying rich music history in our programming


We analyze our clients’ needs in order to provide immediate strategic and mission-based outcomes.


Our Talent Specialists make time to really get to know your needs and execute top-of-the-line music services.


Artist Development & Management 

Tour Management

Music School Development

Legal Support & Contracts 

Administrative & Customer Support 


Finance & Accounting 

Musicians Local LLC

Musicians Local, LLC

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